Blizzard Kicks Off Heroes of the Storm Launch With Free Mechanospider Mount

Heroes of the Storm is just hours from launch. To help promote the game, Blizzard has released a neat application that allows you to build an artificial team of five players and determine what traits they have. At the end, it suggests a hero for each to play as based on the traits.

Upon completing trait selection, which take about three minutes, you will receive a code to unlock the Mechanospider mount for free. This is a mount that has been in the game's data files for quite some time and was thus widely requested by many Alpha and Beta players. Head over here to get started.

The Mechanospider has three color variations: grey, black, and red. It has a great look and animation which is sure to make it a popular choice among players.

If you're new to Heroes of the Storm, then check out our beginner's guide which introduces you to the easiest heroes to win with.