Battleborn E3 Presentation Unveiled

2K has decided to reveal its lengthy closed-door presentations at E3 2015 to the public, first with XCOM 2 and now with Gearbox Software's upcoming multiplayer entry, Battleborn.

The 20-minute video embedded above details the five-player co-operative action that blends the mechanics of Borderlands with a more level-based version of the traditional horde mode. Given the wacky cast of characters on the roster, of which less than half are shown in the video, I can bet that Gearbox was inspired by MOBAs as well like League of Legends and SMITE.

As the first-person camera switches from player to player in first-person, take note of the branching skill tree represented by the helix, the crispness between melee and ranged combat, and the variety of characters and playstyles available. You can rock a mech that's like a Spartan with wings, a poison-mushroom man who throws knives, or a four-armed spellcasting witch.

For an in-depth look of Battleborn, which should arrive in Winter 2015, check out the hands-on preview from Jessica Vazquez.