Here’s How Sonic Would Look in a True Next-Gen Game

SEGA hasn't done a particularly great job in handling the blue blur in recent years. From the lackluster Sonic Boom series to the supremely underwhelming Sonic: Lost World, it's been one miss after another for Sonic.

Some may argue the series was never that great, always destined to little more than cheap Mario knock-off, but the original Genesis games and a few later releases do have their fans. Sure, Sonic has struggled a bit to find its footing in 3D, but Sonic Adventure wasn't all bad… right?

Regardless, YouTube user CryZENx has taken it upon himself to realize the speedy SEGA mascot in Unreal Engine 4, providing a true next-gen look at what could be. Check it out below.

Much like this recreation of Mario in Unreal Engine 4, Sonic looks a bit out of place in such a realistic-looking world. That said, it does make you wonder what a true next-gen Sonic game might look like on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.