Sonic doesn’t go fast in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 game

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game lets players compete as Sonic the Hedgehog. Unfortunately, the iconic SEGA mascot doesn’t quite live up to his speedy ways. Unlocking and equipping the Sonic outfit in Tokyo 2020 doesn’t affect any of the in-game skill sets, including, most damningly of all, the speed attribute.

How to unlock and equip Sonic the Hedgehog in Tokyo 2020

unlock and equip Sonic in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 game

Here’s how to get the Sonic costume in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020:

  1. Launch Tokyo 2020 and progress through character creation
  2. Upon reaching the main menu, acknowledge the free Sonic outfit notification
  3. Choose “Outfits” from the main menu
  4. Select the desired event and athlete, then scroll to the bottom of the “Clothing” tab
  5. After picking the Sonic skin, if desired, follow the on-screen prompt to copy the outfit for other events

Unfortunately, wearing the Sonic the Hedgehog outfit in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 doesn’t help with winning events. Although each athlete does have an individual speed stat, cosplaying as the Blue Blur doesn’t increase it. Since there are no difficulty settings in the official Tokyo 2020 game, the Sonic skin might’ve been a fun means of implementing an equivalent to easy mode.

In all fairness, though, Sonic technically isn’t in the game. Rather, custom athletes can wear a horrifying mascot suit that’d actually make staying competitive all but impossible. On that note, the cumbersome Sonic the Hedgehog mascot outfit also doesn’t negatively impact any of the athletes’ statistics.

Fortunately, fans don’t have too long to wait before getting their hands on an actual new Sonic title. Sonic Colors Ultimate is looking to revive one of the series’ more acclaimed 3D releases, and it’s launching this year. Then there’s the mystery Sonic game coming in 2022, which some are speculating could be Sonic Adventure 3. According to a botched press release, however, the game may actually be called Sonic Rangers.