Mortal Kombat X Getting New Characters, Skins, More in 2016

Our friends over at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that NetherRealm Studios will be releasing new downloadable content for Mortal Kombat X this coming year. That's right, come 2016, fighting game fans will have new characters to play with, along with new skins and a new environment.

The DLC will release at some point in the early half of 2016. Sadly, Warner Bros. didn't specify who the new characters are or what the new skins might be. Instead, we've been graced with a foggy teaser image, aptly titled "Who's Next?"

Give it a look below.

Any idea who these four shadowy figures might be? I haven't got a clue, but then again, I've never been particularly good a filling in the blanks, especially when considering NetherRealm history of serving up some surprise additions that fans never saw coming. 

If you've got any brilliant guesses, be sure to rattle them off in the comments. ​Don't forget we've already received some crazy awesome DLC, featuring the likes of Predator and Jason Voorhees.

For a little inspiration, check out our list of top 10 characters we'd like to see added to the game in the form of downloadable content. It's embedded below for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome.