Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Faces Online Issues

Metal Gear Solid fans continue to play and enjoy MGSV: The Phantom Pain, but they haven't been getting the full experience. The online features of the game have been conspicuously absent due to sever issues, some of which may continue in the coming weeks.

As it stands now, Konami has restored online services for all versions of the game. Nevertheless, the publishers states that "measures have been taken to reduce burden on database, meaning that FOB multiplayer service may still take some to be fully restored." That means the PvP aspect of the game – FOB invasions – could still be missing in action. The company also doesn't rule out the possibility of additional server downtime.

I was only able to log on to the MGSV online servers once this week, but it wasn't a pleasant experience. It would take multiple seconds to take my iDroid out, which is a device that players use constantly in the game. I elected to just go offline at that point, as it hindered the overall gameplay experience.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain plays just fine without any online features, but a connection is necessary for downloading the Ground Zeroes save file and a few other important functions. The online issues aren't enough to spoil my time with the game, but it certainly doesn't help Konami's already-debilitating image.

Hopefully the company can find some more permanent solutions for its online woes leading up to the game's release of Metal Gear Online in October.