New Official Chrono Arrange Album Adds Lyrics to Classic Wordless Songs

In more "hey video game music can be fairly non-shitty sometimes" news, outstanding composer Yasunori Mitsuda and former outstanding game maker Square Enix have released a new arrangement of music from the Chrono series. A lot of the songs have lyrics now. Since this is an official Square Enix Music release, I guess that means you can take the words as real. Official. Canon or something.

Because I have nothing better to do, like, at all, I listened and wrote down the words to "On the Other Side," (which is Marle's Theme, "Far Off Promise" originally) which begins at 33:22 of the embedded video above.

What you all mean to me…

It's so hard for me to put in words.

When you fly away,

Please recall what I say.

I believe in you

and all you'll do.

Don't say "goodbye,"

Say "We'll meet on the other side."

I knew this day would come.

I knew that our time here was so short.

But all that you taught me

all you believed I could be,

that will stay inside.

So please don't say "goodbye,"

Say, "We'll meet on the other side."


I know, if you can read this, you can probably understand the singer just fine yourself. I just think lyrics look nice when they're written out, so I do that from time to time.

How you liking that new arrangement?