Chrono Trigger for PC Gets Massively Improved in New Update

Do you remember how, sometime in February, Square Enix did a surprise release of Chrono Trigger for PC on Steam? Do you also remember how the game got completely bombarded with negative reviews, with some fans demanding their money back and complaining (rather loudly) about how the port was just plain terrible?

The backlash over a delightful RPG that was ported awfully no doubt left Square Enix feeling a little perturbed, hence their announcement that they would do their best to fix all the issues players had. Thankfully they’ve managed to right their wrongs and have released a brand, spanking new update that massively improves Chrono Trigger for PC. Score one Square Enix!

One of the main problems fans had with the game was the visuals and how, to be frank, the PC version practically looked as though it had been ripped off straight from a mobile device. It made the game look clunky, bland and washed away the nostalgia that fans were looking for. But never fear, because these issues have been looked at. For example, the font now has proper kerning and has a bit of character added to it, making it look less like it was ripped from an iPhone in a pinch and the battle screen no longer has that ugly giant mobile blocks all over it – hallelujah!

What’s more, Square Enix also gave PC fans the opportunity for the game to look more like the original that debuted on the SNES. When firing up Chrono Trigger, players will be asked whether they want to play with high-resolution graphics or those old-school cool ones, giving them a choice yes, but also offering up replayability value too. A clever move on Square’s part, though it does leave us wondering what will next be on Square’s agenda in the future and whether Chrono Trigger will get any further updates as time goes on.