Electronic Arts Has “No Plans to Charge for Content” in Need for Speed

With all of the negative reactions to season passes, nickel-and-dime DLC, and the litany of pre-order shenanigans—much of which has been directed at Electronic Arts—the publisher is taking a different approach… at least with Need for Speed.

Not only does this reboot break the tradition of a console Need for Speed title being released every year, but according to an interview with VICE, Creative Director of Ghost Games Craig Sullivan says that "honestly, hand on heart… there are absolutely no plans to charge for content in this game": 

I've seen the plans for what's going to happen over the next few weeks and months – there's nothing in there, by which I mean, we don't even have the ability to charge you in the game. There's no store to speak of.

That said, Sullivan put in a caveat, explaining that he has no idea "what's happening in 10 years' time", so there could be DLC for the game eventually. But he wanted to iterate that "the plan is there are no transactions in the game", so Electronic Arts and Ghost Games hopefully won't be putting their feet in their mouths over the course of the next year.

Do you think Electronic Arts should extend this policy to the rest of its catalog?