Fallout 4 Is So Big It Was Just Featured in the Intro of Conan O’Brien’s Show [ADDED CLUELESS GAMER]

There are big games, and then there are the Fallout's of the world. You know, the type of game where even the person who you rarely see in the video game section of your local retailer not only knows about, but buys on release day.

Fallout 4 has quickly become the most talked about game in the world, and it's only getting started.

Never done be fore, Fallout 4 was featured in the introduction to tonight's Conan. It's being titled "Cold Open" , and it features Conan O'Brien as a vault dweller equipped with a Pip-boy (yes, the cheap plastic one made in China you paid over $100 for). The two minute introduction ends with Conan entering a room where Aaron Bleyaert is waiting with a controller to prelude their game review.

For now, check out Cold Open below:

And this is the Clueless Gamer Fallout 4 review: