Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Suffers From Frame Pacing Issues 8 Months After Game’s Launch

Bloodborne has propelled itself back into discussion among fans of the game following the release of its first expansion pack, The Old Hunters. While most discussion has been centered on the game's exciting combat and horrifying enemy design, some of it has been aimed at disappointment about how one of its greatest technical shortcomings still hasn't been addressed.

As with the original Bloodborne release, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters has frame rate problems. More specifically, it has a significant amount of frame pacing, about as much as you'll see from a AAA game this year. Interestingly enough, Digital Foundry described this phenomenon earlier in the year following its Bloodborne analysis, which helped to explain why some fans were upset with its performance. Below is how it explained frame pacing:


Though its 30fps average is technically correct, Bloodborne often produces two unique frames followed by two duplicates – rather than one after another – creating a perception of frame-rate drops throughout. It’s not smooth in motion at all as a result, and frame-time updates swing erratically between 16ms and 66ms – and sometimes higher. It’s an unfortunate oversight by From Software. However, we have seen both Bungie [with Destiny] and EA Gothenburg [with Need for Speed: Rivals] react to the issue in each case, correcting their games soon after launch. We hope this will be the case for Bloodborne as well.

Here's Digital Foundry's frame rate test video for Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, which showcases the frame pacing a full 8 months after its initial analysis:


For a game that has shed a lot of RPG elements in favor of action gameplay, it's something that has stood out to many players. This is supposed to be a more simple game with heavier emphasis on fast-paced encounters. Frame pacing can prove frustrating during intense scenarios.

In regards to loading times, they're long, although not as bad as when Bloodborne first launched. Respawns and warps originally took upward of 44 seconds, while now they've been cut into the 30's.

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