Wait, She’s Only Wearing One Sock

The announcement of PS4's Valkyria Chronicles: Azure Revolution and Valkyria Chronicles remaster has brought excitement and hope to a fan base that had plenty of reason to give up on it. But the Feb. 10 2016 Japanese release of the PS4 remaster of the generation's best tactical RPG is less important than the above screenshot of the new spinoff. I direct your attention to the frontmost character on the right side. That girl is wearing one sock.

Yes siree, double socking is not a thing this character is into. One foot — or, apparently, one entire leg — gets a sock and the other just waits its fucking turn. Perhaps she breathes through that leg? 

What's the decision-making process for this girl? What was the first day that she said "You know what? No. I'm only doing one of these today. I will double my sock efficiency and cut down how frequently I must do laundry by halving my sock load." It's not a bad plan, all told, but does the other boot start to, like, really stink bad because of a bare foot being in it? Or is there a smaller, unseen sock within the boot, preventing the odorous buildup?

Did she run out of money and can no longer afford socks? Like, that's her last one and it's better than nothing?

If GameRevolution encounters Sega people at Jump Festa later this month, we will ask the hard questions: WHERE IS HER OTHER FUCKING SOCK? 

Also here are images from both the Valkyria Chronicles Remaster and Valkyria: Azure Revolution.

Will you be (re)playing Valkyria Chronicles on PS4? How many socks will you wear as you do so?


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