GameStop CEO Leaks PlayStation VR Delay To Fall 2016

Virtual reality is widely considered the biggest potential breakthrough for gaming this year. Its arrival has been long-awaited as PC and console gamers alike are excited to see how it can influence the immersion of game experiences.

Last month the world came to find out that these headsets will arrive sooner rather than later, as both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift will be available in their final consumer form before the end of May. The only question left to answer is what the pricing of all the major headsets will be, and when PlayStation VR, the only console-oriented headset of the bunch, will become available.

While speaking to FOX Business News, GameStop CEO Paul Raines shared the following:


We are right now preparing for the launches of the major VR products, so we’re in discussions with Oculus, with HTC Vive and with Sony. It's a big launch, we’re getting ready for it, we will launch the Sony product this fall, and we are in discussions with the other two players.

Prior to this statement it was suggested that PSVR would debut during Q2 of 2016. Given the position of Raines and his confidence, it's likely that his Fall 2016 remark is accurate.

This release date would make PSVR the last of the three major virtual reality headsets to hit the market. It would also come after E3 2016, allowing Sony to show off its high-potential, and high investment, technology one last time on the biggest stage in gaming before its market debut.

The big question left to answer is how much PSVR will cost. Rumors suggest a price point around $299 to $399, although its two high resolution OLED displays and in-line processing box point toward a higher cost of entry.

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