No Man’s Sky’s Blunder Explained By Sony Chairman Shawn Layden

At this point just about every gamer has spoken their peace about No Man's Sky and its failure to meet expectations. However, we have heard very little from major industry figures, offering no context as to what actually happened. That is finally beginning to change, though.

In yesterday's Live with YouTube Gaming, Sony Chairman Shawn Layden was asked about what he thought of No Man's Sky and its controversy. He spent some time explaining that the title was made by only six people in a small office, and had an "insurmountable objective". He also made the point that no developer wants to admit that they can't do something, and inferred that things got away from Hello Games during the final months of release.

You can view the interview below. The No Man's Sky question comes up at 35 minutes.

We recently wrote about how even after two months of No Man's Sky releasing its team has been tight-lipped. At this point we have no idea what the perspective of Hello Games is, and are hoping that will change before the end of the year.