Rainbow Six Siege Continues Post-Launch Support With Tomorrow’s Operation Red Crow

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege has enjoyed a surprisingly healthy post-launch life that few other games can compete with. Ubisoft Montreal has continued to support the title consistently, and as a result its playerbase has stuck around in great numbers.

Yet another update is primed to be unloaded into Rainbow Six Siege, this time titled Operation Red Crow. It will feature a new map, two operators, and several balance changes. It arrives tomorrow, and is highly anticipated by the game's playerbase.

You can see what it offers in the video below:

The two new operators are named Hibana and Echo. Hibana is an Attacking Operator that has access to an assault rifle, shotgun, clayimores, stun grenades, and a 40mm grenade launcher. Meanwhile, Echo is a Defending Operator that utilizes a shotgun, submachine gun, barbed wire, deployable shield, and a YOKAI Drone. The addition of these two characters will have a major impact on the metagame.