The Game Awards Calls Out Konami, Says What They Did To Hideo Kojima Was “a Tragedy”

The Game Awards 2016 started out with some serious shade thrown at Konami. With the presenation of 2016's Industry Icon award to Hideo Kojima, host Geoff Keighley spent a large part of his introduction calling out Konami for the way they handled their split with Kojima.

"What happened to Hideo Kojima was a tragdey," Keighley said, adding that he wanted to give Kojima the "moment he was robbed of."

It wasn't always that subtle either. Keighley also described the desire to give Kojima the award "he rightfully won last year with Metal Gear Solid V."


And while all this was going on, Keighley did remember to praise Kojima for the class he showed during this controversy.

"These were the darkest days of his career," Keighly said. "But he never complained."

It's come out recently that Kojima was isolated from his development team for the last six months of the development cycle. It's safe to say, Kojima is getting the last laugh, as The Game Awards also showed off new footage of Kojima's upcoming video game, and the reactions were wildly positive.