Watch: Kojima Shows Off Footage Of Death Stranding Running At 4K On PS4 Pro

After an extremely heartfelt introduction, Hideo Kojima was presented at The Game Awards 2016 as winner of Industry Icon. After accepting the award, he showed off all-new footage for his upcoming project, Death Stranding.

The footage shows a vast wasteland filled with soldiers, and what appears to be a father with his newborn son hiding from them. It is soon revealed that the soldiers are infected by an alien life form, leaking black goo in a way not too dissimilar from the Beauty and the Beast enemies in Metal Gear Solid IV. You can see it above.

Although presented in trailer form, the entirety of the footage was rendered live using a PS4 Pro running at 4K resolution.

Among the interesting details answered by the trailer is confirming that Mads Mikkelsen and Norman Reedus will star in the game. It appears that the death of the Silent Hills project wasn't enough to separate Kojima and Reedus.