When a Joke Doesn’t Land: Outlast 2’s Adult Diaper Kickstarter Goes Down The Toilet

Who doesn't love a good poop joke?

Red Barrels, the developer behind Outlast and its upcoming sequel Outlast 2, put that to the test when they attempted to Kickstart an industrial adult diaper called Underscares as a companion to their upcoming survival horror game. Apparently, not enough people love a good poop joke, as the Kickstarter campaign failed to reach its goal, raising a little over half the money required.

"The Underscares Kickstarter has come to an end and while we didn’t reach our goal we did have a lot of fun along the way," Red Barrels wrote in their only Kickstarter update.

On one hand, Underscares will now be added to a list of failed viral marketing campaigns and will leave people scratching their heads wondering what Red Barrels was thinking.

On the other hand, this Kickstarter was a direct continuation of jokes that hundreds of people on Twitter were beating to death. "Outlast 2 made me sh** myself." "Thanks Outlast 2, now I need new pants." So perhaps we should all use better humor if we want game studios to respond with better humor.

I guess you could say that … you get out what you put in.

There's a joke there somewhere – I know it.