Outlast 3 announcement coming soon, teaser image revealed

An Outlast 3 announcement is “coming soon,” with developer Red Barrels also revealing a brand new teaser image for the upcoming game. The poster features two hands gripping one another, accompanied by the tagline: “Where freedom ends.”

While Red Barrels hasn’t formally stated that the announcement pertains to Outlast 3, the image was posted on the Outlast Facebook page along with the message: “Announcement coming soon.” Red Barrels previously stated that it would begin work on Outlast 3 at some point.

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The teaser image can be viewed below:

The original Outlast is viewed as a modern horror classic, with many games in the genre taking inspiration from it following its release. Outlast 2 released in 2017, with it still attracting praise despite failing to reach the heights of its predecessor.

There’s no word yet on when Outlast 3 will launch, nor when the official announcement will take place. With today being Halloween, it seems like the perfect time to announce the third entry in this horror trilogy, but it seems that Red Barrels is holding out for another date.

Red Barrels formed in 2011, with its co-founders having previously developed for Ubisoft Montreal and EA Montreal. The team released the original Outlast in 2013 and has firmly stuck to the horror series since then.

We don’t know which direction Outlast 3 will take, though given the dog tags in the teaser image, it could be that the next entry will be military-based. The primary antagonist of the original Outlast was Chris Walker, who served in Afghanistan and was ex-military police. This image could indicate that Walker will return in Outlast 3 in some capacity.