Kaplan: Overwatch Looks To Add Replay Feature, But Not Any Time Soon

It's safe to say that Overwatch came out of nowhere and took the gaming world by storm, but most people will admit there are one or two things they still want. One of these desired features is a replay function.

You'll even notice a simple lack of a match history to view the outcome and personal performance of your recent games. For those who want to look back and evaluate or highlight their own performance, you'll be delighted to know that it is currently in the works, as was confirmed by Game Director Jeff Kaplan.

However, if you were hoping for the replay feature as an Overwatch Christmas Gift, Kaplan also added to his forum post that a replay feature is "not on the immediate horizon," and made it seem like it might not happen at all.

Kaplan did say that saving and exporting your end-of-game highlights is also in the works and will hit before Replays do.

Also on most players' Overwatch Christmas list is the upcoming updates to the reporting system that were originally announced as part of Patch 1.5, but didn't land. The idea was to adjust it to deter false or erroneous reporting that was getting players in trouble regardless of fault. Kaplan confirmed via the forum that these changes "well under way," but did not give an exact date.