You Can Now Use the PSVR On a Gaming PC

Many would tell you that you have two major options for virtual reality on PC, but there’s actually a third and it might even be your best option.

Trinus is a new PSVR driver for Windows that has a Steam VR layer. Using some easy-to-install software, you can utilize Sony’s headset on PC. It effectively mimics the communication of the HTC Vive’s headset providing moderate support across the currently available VR library.

The PSVR has been widely recognized as the most comfortable of the VR headsets, and also competitive when it comes to screen and image quality. Given that neither the Oculus Rift nor HTC Vive can be utilized on console, this solution makes the PSVR highly compelling.

There is currently one major caveat to Trinus: it doesn’t support camera input. So, all head-tracking is performed using the PSVR’s internals. Without camera input there is no way to use motion controllers, either. Therefore, its applications are limited, but promising.

You can download Trinus here.