IMDb Page For Spider-Man (PS4) Bombarded With Fake Plot Summaries In Wake Of False Leak

The new Spider-Man game, probably releasing sometime in the next 2 years, is largely a mystery. Little is known about Insomniac's Games' upcoming title, which is arriving just as a new Spider-Man will be invented in the modern consciousness with Spider-Man: Homecoming. Because of this mystery, people are hungry for any details they can get – even outright falsehoods.

One such supposed leak was recently busted by Insomniac Games, a rumor spawning from an obviously edited IMDb page that alleged the Spider-Man in their new game would be married to Mary Jane Watson. It also dropped the bombshell that they also have a child, and the main villain of Spider-Man would be the Green Goblin. This rumor was picked up by Comics Beat and repeated on NeoGaf despite Insomniac Games' denial.

Since IMDb pages are publicly editable, this rumor is, of course, completely false. But to make matters worse – or, in my opinion, more hilarious – other users couldn't help getting in on the fun, penning even more ridiculous and humorous plot summaries, all of which are available right now. See them below:

My personal favorite touch is making the first plot summary as written by Trey Parker, unmistakably a reference to the South Park co-creator.

Of course … GameRevolution would never … EVER … encourage an improper use of the Internet Movie Database, a bastion of accurate information about entertainment media. That would be … wrong!

Unless it's really funny.