Infinite Warfare Adds Leaderboards, Combat Records And More, Coming Soon

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is finally adding a feature everyone took for granted, until it was ripped from them: leaderboards.

In a massive Reddit post, Infinity Ward outlined a series of plans they have for Infinite Warfare for the whole of 2017, promising that leaderboards, combat records and a custom emblem editor will be added in the next two months. Infinity Ward promised leaderboards by the end of January and the combat records and emblem editor by "late February."

Saying they want to "promote the competitive spirit" of Infinite Warfare, Infinity Ward will have mostly percentile-based leaderboards. If you're ranked in the top 10,000 players, you will be able to see your specific rank amongst the other players. Outside of that threshold, you'll just be given a percentile rank, a loose estimation of what percentage of players are better or worse than you.

Among friends, you will be able to see a weekly, monthly and all-time ranking, however.

Also in the update is the news that Tactical Team Deathmatch will now be a permanent game mode in Infinite Warfare, largely because of the immense positive feedback received about the mode. Infinity Ward may also add tactical characteristics to other game modes in the future.