Rocket League Is Going Die Cast With Hot Wheels Licensed Cars

More than 18 months after launch, Rocket League has remained an incredibly popular game across both console and PC. Some of this is owed to its persistent post-launch support, which has provided a variety of new ways to enjoy the game. That continues this month with one of the game's biggest deals ever.

Arriving this February, a Rocket League Hot Wheels pack will arrive. It will include both the Bone Shaker and Twin Mill III, two of the most iconic die-cast cars. Both will have access to an exclusive roster of six decals for customization.

In addition, the Hot Wheels pack will also provide free content for all players, including two toppers and an antenna.

Developer Psyonix confirmed recently that the vehicles in Rocket League are large RC cars a few feet in length. This would explain their incredible agility and acceleration, while simultaneously not necessarily fitting the scope of Hot Wheels.

Mattel's Hot Wheels brand has been featured in more than 24 racing games, most recently Hot Wheels Showdown for mobile.

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