The Elder Scrolls Online Surpasses 8.5 Million Players, Becoming Most Popular MMORPG On Console

After seeing tremendous post launch support, The Elder Scrolls Online has continued to hit significant milestones. Today, we found out more about the game's total player count.

Speaking to, ZeniMax president Matt Firor shared that The Elder Scrolls Online has surpassed 8.5 million total players. This figure is 1.5 million larger than the 7 million reported during E3 of last year, which was held in June.

Although not all 8.5 million players are active, more than 1 million play on a month-to-month basis, making The Elder Scrolls Online the most popular MMORPG available on console next to Final Fantasy XIV.

The Elder Scrolls Online recently saw a huge surge of interest due to the introduction of One Tamriel, an update that dramatically improved the game in various ways. Level scaling, a wealth of new content, and class changes were introduced in the update.

The game's first expansion will debut this summer in the form of Morrowind, which will allow players to visit an area of The Elder Scrolls universe that hasn't been explored in over a decade.

We spoke to Matt Firor last week to learn about Morrowind and the game's future. We were impressed with what we found out. You can read more here.