Hello Games’ Massive No Man’s Sky “Pathfinder” Update Gets A Launch Trailer

Announced earlier this week, Hello Games is attempting something of a rebound from bad No Man's Sky PR via what looks to be an impressive and content-rich update to the game. Known as the Pathfinder update, it adds a bevy of new and long-desired features and fixes to the title, as well as PS4 Pro-specific features and visual enhancements.

To detail the update, Hello Games uploaded an explanatory trailer to its YouTube channel, seen below.

Hello also described the more notable Pathfinder visual enhancements on its website, which include the following graphical additions for all versions, as well as added 4K resolution on PS4 Pro.

  • High and ultra resolution textures
  • More accurate Ambient Lighting
  • Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion
  • High contrast lighting effects
  • Crepuscular Rays from the Sun
  • Improved post-processing with several filter options
  • HDR mode for compatible monitors and televisions

Hell yes, crepuscular rays! In all seriousness I had to Google that just now, but I know I'm not the only one who appreciates Hello still toiling away to improve No Man's Sky in the face of seemingly endless criticism. The Pathfinder update also includes online base sharing, the ability to own multiple ships (finally!), specializations and classes for various starships in the game, as well as several new land-based vehicles to take for a spin.

The full details of the update are here, with patch notes diving into even finer detail of every last adjustment and change. Pathfinder should be live to all versions of No Man's Sky by the end of the day today, if it isn't already.