Killing Foor 2 Brings New Map, Mode, Weapons And Free Weekend With The Descent Update

Tripwire Interactive is continuing its commitment to constantly provide free content updates for Killing Floor 2. Along with a new update, called The Descent, Killing Floor 2 will have a free Weekend on Steam, in addition to a 50% off sale starting Thursday, March 23rd, which will put it at around $15. It will also have a free week on the PS4, which starts today.

The Descent Content pack includes:

New Weapons

  • Spitfire Revolvers
  • Stoner 63A LMG
New Game Mode
  • Holdout – Like Survival, but with several different rooms strung together in different ways.

New Maps

  • The Descent (Holdout Map, where every connected room is further down)
  • Nuked (no info)