This Is What A $5000 8K Monitor Looks Like

4K is more or less the golden standard when it comes to display technology in 2017. Although you may get the impression that it's "high-end" due to marketing, manufacturers have been working on solutions that are far more technologically impressive.

Take for example the recently debuted Dell UltraSharp UP3218K. Standing at 32" with a 1300:1 contrast ratio, 178 degree viewing angles, and 400cd/m^2 brightness, it appears ordinary for Dell's line-up. But don't let that fool you.

Beyond its standard UltraSharp specs it displays a 7680 x 4320 resolution. That's 33,177,600 pixels, or 16 times what 1080p delivers. This 8K resolution is so gargantuan, in-fact, that it requires two DisplayPorts in tandem to operate.

This monitor was one of the most talked about electronics at CES 2017, and for good reason: it serves as insight into what will likely be the next standard for display technology. Big resolution means crystal clear images across larger panels, and in the case of gaming the irrelevancy of anti-aliasing.

Priced at $4999, this monitor isn't necessarily something built for your average consumer, but those who are interested will be able to pick one up as early as April 17th.