Legendary Freddy Krueger Actor Robert Englund Is Voicing Scarecrow In Injustice 2

The rumors are true! After Injustice 2 unveiled Scarecrow early this week, many people looked to an IMDb page that listed Robert Englund as the voice actor behind the man. Of course, IMDb pages are freely editable, and it's often used as fuel for false rumors about movies and video games alike. This time, though, Englund himself took to Twitter to tell everyone the truth.

"New Injustice 2 trailer reveals Captain Cold and my voice as Scarecrow" Englund Tweeted.

For all non-horror fans, Robert Englund portrayed the Nightmare On Elm Street antagonist Freddy Krueger in eight films in the series. Unless this is an early (and unfunny) April Fool's joke, we could be looking at the first and last reason to buy Injustice 2 in May.

While not having worked with Englund before, NetherRealm studios is a fan of Freddy Krueger, as they included him as a bonus character back in 2011's Mortal Kombat. Englund himself, is no stranger to video games, having appeared in several throughout his career, including as a playable character in Call of Duty: Black Ops' Nazi zombie mode.

As a side note, this has to be the first time where a casting choice leaked by IMDb has turned out to be correct. I suppose stranger things have happened, but damn.