Hitman 2 Elusive Target 4 allows players to take out a dodgy politician

Hitman 2 Elusive Target 4 is out now. IO Interactive’s fourth entry into the Elusive Target series is available to all for free and entrusts players with taking down a politician. Players who download the Free Starter Pack are amongst those who will gain access to the target. The Free Starter Pack includes the map Hawke’s Bay, set in New Zealand, the location of the Elusive Target 4.

The Hitman 2 Elusive Target 4 is named Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating (aka The Politician). Dame Barbara is a former New Zealand Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs but was forced to resign when it was discovered she was using her charity to launder funds to offshore bank accounts. Dame Barbara managed to divert blame onto the director of the charity and is now looking to rebuild her reputation. The player will have to tangle with Dame Barbara’s use of a body double to protect herself. Players get one opportunity to “permanently put her deceptive ways to an end” between today and March 18.

Hitman 2’s Elusive Target series gained significant popularity upon its inception. This was mainly due to the inclusion of Sean Bean as Elusive Target 1. Sean Bean voiced and lent his likeness to Mark Faba (aka The Undying). The mission featured a ton of references to Sean Bean’s movie career, with a scene in the mission itself being about all the ways someone could kill Faba.

Hitman 2 was released on November 13, 2018, and IO Interactive continues to release content for the title. A bonus episode at the end of January saw players return to Hokkaido, a mission from the 2016 installment of Hitman. An update was launched alongside the bonus episode and included a whole raft of changes to the Agent 47 sequel.

Hitman 2 Elusive Target 4 is available now on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can watch a trailer for the new Dame Barbara-centric mission below.