BioWare Vows To Remedy Issues With Mass Effect Andromeda Trans Character Hainly Abrams

BioWare has earned a reputation for its attempts at being progressive and inclusive of all identities, specifically with its Mass Effect series. Mass Effect Andromeda attempted to cover new ground with the inclusion of a Trans character, but with disastrous results.

The character in question: Hainly Abrams. Abrams has earned an important role in her community, but seeks only to define herself to Ryder based on her status as a Trans woman, immediately divulging that she is Trans and, most controversially, what her name was before making her transition – something that carries a lot of weight in the Trans community and is not given out lightly.

As you can imagine, the community feedback was largely negative, with arguments of tokenism and what many saw as the desire by BioWare to merely check a box on their diversity chart. Similar accusations were tossed around when BeamDog included in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition a Trans character who divulged the same information with just as much ease.

Today, BioWare announced on Twitter that it has heard these complaints and vows to remedy the situation, in what amounts to a long apology.

"We apologize to anyone who interacted with or was hurt by this conversation," BioWare wrote. "Once the changes are implemented, Hainly will only reveal certain information to Ryder after they have developed trust, and only if the player chooses to support her."