Watch: Tom Savini’s New Jason Dazzles, Murders For Friday the 13th Game

Dedicated followers of the upcoming Friday the 13th: The Game have been anxiously awaiting the reveal of the newest Jason design, which is designed by long-time Friday the 13th make-up artist Tom Savini. That wait came to an end today, with the video above, showing off a fiery Jason Voorhees wielding a deadly pitchfork.

For those less inclined to follow this Friday the 13th, is an asymmetrical 1v7 game where one Jason Voorhees plays against 7 camp counselors trying to either escape or kill Jason. The game is due for relase on PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime during the first half of 2017.

This Jason will be available to those who backed the game on Kickstarter to the tune of at least $65. It's also available to those who pre-ordered Friday the 13th: The Game through Gun Media's Backer Kit.

These Jason designs are not just cosmetic in Friday the 13th: The Game. Each version of Jason, which are usually inspired by a particular movie, will have a particular skill set and different stats that make each of them worthy of a pick in different situations for people with different playstyles. Including Savini's design, Friday the 13th: The Game will release with seven different Jasons to play

Thus far, the reaction to this Jason reveal has been wildly positive, with commenters on YouTube and Reddit lauding Savini's new design, although their are some naysayers in the minority.