Elite: Dangerous And Planet Coaster Are Getting Physical Versions

Frontier Developments is scheduled to release its two most popular products on store shelves this year: Planet Coaster and Elite: Dangerous. While Planet Coaster will arrive on May 23rd, Elite: Dangerous has a targeted release of late 2017.

Elite: Dangerous in particular will have a new Legendary Edition that is a physical equivalent of the Commander Deluxe Edition, bundling the Horizons expansion pass and 1,000 Frontier Points that can be used on microtransaction items.

Both games have been wildly successful. Planet Coaster has earned a reputation for being this generation's top theme park simulator, while Elite: Dangerous is the most feature-rich space simulator in history.

Elite: Dangerous is confirmed to have sold over 1.5 million units in addition to originally hosting an over $2 million USD earning Kickstarter. Planet Coaster is at roughly 650,000 within six months. Frontier Developments hopes that the physical release will boost these numbers and introduce its games to new audiences.

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