Elite Dangerous: Odyssey lets players walk on planets for the first time ever

It appears that someone at Frontier Developments may have slipped up by launching a trailer a bit early: the new Elite Dangerous: Odyssey expansion has been leaked and it marks a stunning shift in this space combat franchise. For the first time ever, Elite Dangerous players will be able to walk on planets.

While the trailer was quickly taken down, a mirror was captured and hosted on various gaming forums like ResetEra and Reddit. It shows a pair of people in spacesuits walking on a planet while holding rifles. They observe some spacecraft flying overhead before crouching down and taking a look at some kind of landing operation nearby.

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This short, understated teaser for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is particularly tantalizing for longtime players, largely thanks to the addition of a new feature. Previously, you were more or less stuck in your ship for the entire game. Odyssey marks the first time that you will be able to disembark your ship and walk on the ground — and that’s not the only new feature.

What’s new in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey?

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey crouching walk on planets

The big new addition in this Elite Dangerous expansion is undoubtedly the ability to walk on planets, but there’s plenty more that’s coming. New content in the style of the contracts already in the game will be arriving. Players will encounter new settings, objectives, and NPCs.

New Social Hubs will be placed throughout the galaxy. What can players do at Elite Dangerous Social Hubs?

  • Form alliances
  • Procure services
  • Find expert support from Enginees
  • Acquire and upgrade weapons & gear

If it’s not entirely clear by the fact that people are holding guns in the trailer, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will also feature combat. Players can enjoy first-person shooter-style combat which will also involve SRVs and Starships in some capacity, although there isn’t much else in the way of specific details.

For now, you can watch the trailer for the new Elite Dangerous expansion below; you’ll be able to get your hands on this new content sometime in 2021. You can also add Elite Dangerous: Odyssey to your wishlist on Steam.