Heroes Of The Storm Enters New Era With v2.0 Update

For many Blizzard fans, Heroes of the Storm serves as a great secondary game that provides quick and accessible squad-based multiplayer entertainment. While the average player doesn't play it full time, that will likely change during the next couple weeks thanks to the introduction of a massive new update.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 has arrived. This is the biggest update Heroes of the Storm has ever seen post-launch, containing a new hero, changes to the progression s ystem, a new battleground, and more.

Below are the highlights of the update.


A New Challenger is Coming to the Nexus

Hana Song – better known as D.Va – former pro gamer turned ace mech pilot jet-boosts through the Nexus, relying on her powerful cannons and defensive barrier to end skirmishes with a professional’s flair.

The Nexus Challenge is Back

The Nexus Challenge is back and better than ever! Play Heroes of the Storm with a friend to earn sweet rewards in Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm – including Oni Genji and Officer D.Va! Get mountains of loot in both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch when you play Heroes with a friend! Over the course of four weeks, you’ll be able to unlock four different series of prizes. Whether you win or lose your games, both you and your buddy will collect.

New Battleground, New Brawls

Checkpoint: Hanamura

  • In this single payload tug-of-war, one team attacks, driving their payload directly into the enemy core to achieve victory, and another team defends, fighting back the attackers to delay their approach. Both sides need to be quick—the clock’s ticking.​
Special Delivery
  • A dual-payload scrum that makes every player Tracer with the Total Recall talent and auto-exploding Pulse Bombs. Eliminating one of your opponents deals direct damage to the enemy core—using a Pulse Bomb for a killing blow deals even more!
Get more on Genji

Genji – the Cybernetic Ninja joining the Nexus from overwatch – gets the spotlight treatment!

This update is offered for free to all players.

To celebrate the occasion, Blizzard is hosting a promotion where you can unlock 20 Heroes at no cost. Which heroes are unlocked is defined by which of four bundles you select.

Heroes of the Storm earned a favorable 4.5/5 in our official review, which you can read here.