Call Of Duty WWII Reveal Trailer Already Has More Likes Than Infinite Warfare’s

The reveal trailer for Call of Duty WWII has been out all of two days, but it's already racked up more likes than the same trailer for Infinite Warfare. By a considerable margin, in fact, fans are much more ready to celebrate WWII than they were for the space-focused installment. WWII's reveal trailer has already racked up more than 750,000 likes, compared to Infinite Warfare's reveal trailer that has three times the views but fewer than 600,000 likes.

Of course, this should be little surprise. Infinite Warfare was notoriously trashed on YouTube, becoming one of the website's most-disliked videos, racking up more than 3.5 million dislikes, which is up there with Rebecca Black's Friday (though still a far cry from Justin Bieber's Baby).

But, (and this will be hard to swallow for any Call of Duty faithful) it's not just haters of the video game series that brought Infinite Warfare down. With WWII getting more likes already that means there had to be some true Call of Duty fans who liked it's reveal trailer, but at least failed to like the Infinite Warfare video.

Of course, the idea that Infinite Warfare was just drowned out by haters is a fringe conspiracy theory. Even folks at the Call of Duty Reddit are rejoicing over WWII's shift and praising Activision for listening to the fans. WWII's trailer has fewer than 70,000 dislikes at the time of writing this, and that's likely due to its commitment to put boots back on the ground and bring the series back to its roots.

That's something that never sat well with Activision. Despite being insanely profitable, the company was keenly aware that they were not markedly well-received by gamers or critics, which actually may have cut into their still-huge profit margins.

The Call of Duty games were on a constant quest to outdo their predecessors by introducing newer and newer technology, but once they added Exo Suits, many fans checked out, and the series went further and further down the rabbit hole. This boiled over, of course, in Infinite Warfare, which literally had its head in the stars.