Witcher 2 Pirates, CD Projekt RED Is Coming for YOU

Ye has been warned, all of ye pirates of the Witcher 2! Developer CD Projekt RED warned ye this would happen as part of their DRM-free software campaign, so it shouldn't come too much as a surprise. Need a refresher? All right then.

CD Projekt RED released the Witcher 2 as both a DRM-laden retail copy and a DRM-free version with GoG.com. However, they did say that with this DRM-free version, they would be heavily monitoring torrent sites for illegal downloads and streaming. With great power comes great responsibility not to be pirating thieves and all that. 

TorrentFreak has said that the dev made good on their word, and they are using a similar method that was used by music companies back during the infamous Napster and Kazaa crackdowns. This method uses the pirates' IP addresses, which has been found to not always be accurate. However, CD Projekt RED told PCGamer that they hired an external company to develop their tracking method, and they believe that it is completely, 100% accurate. 

So much so, they've already slapped torrent users in Germany with demands of €912 ($1180) to cover what they owe the company for theft.

It is yet to be seen just how accurate this torrent seeking method is, but CD Projekt RED has undoubtedly sent a clear message to the gaming world. They've said time and time again that they do not like DRM, but they will never condone piracy.

I think we (as in good, honest consumers) can all get behind such sentiments.