Refunds For CS:GO Lounge Bets Are Still Coming, Company Announces

After the controversial skin-betting site CSGOLounge shuttered its gambling operations in August 2016, their decision left a whole lot of users who had active bids in a bit of a bind. Having already put up their items for auction, players now had no chance of seeing returns on their bid and no means by which to retrieve their consideration.

But, CSGO Lounge, in a long message to its community, promised that they would be supplying refunds for these items out of their own pockets, and that these refunds would be fulfilled no later than March 2017.

In case you don't have a calendar, it's now May 2017, and there have been no refunds in sight. But now, CSGOLounge has posted their first update since this original announcement, explaining that they are still working to supply refunds.

"However, we are currently faced with legal impediments which have caused delays in the launch of the compensation system," the post reads. "We are actively working on these issues and this remains our top priority. We will keep you updated and inform you about further progress."

The post did not elaborate as to what "legal impediments" they are facing and it did not provide an exact or general timeline as to when these legal impediments might be overcome.

Of course, Skin betting is still rampant across the internet, with many of them setting up sites off-shore, so to speak, and others taking a more stealthy approach to the practice. CSGOLounge has transitioned more into a skin-trading website.