Ubisoft Announces The Crew 2, Will Compete With At Least 5 Other Racing Games

During its latest earnings call, Ubisoft announced two games, one of which was a sequel to 2014's The Crew.

Like its predecessor, The Crew 2 will be an open-world racing game with equal amounts of fast-paced arcade racing and exploration.

The Crew was met with mixed reception, much of which was attributed to its lack of polish. Bugs, an unsatisfying story, and clunky controls were just a few of the shortcomings that prevented it from reaching its imagined potential. Nonetheless, it would go on to sell over two million copies, with Ubisoft sharing today that it "delivered the same level of profitability in its second year as it did in its first."‚Äč

Ubisoft has provided strong post-launch support for The Crew, and has remained engaged with its community. It will continue this effort with The Crew 2 by addressing major concerns in an effort to establish The Crew as one of its core properties.

The Crew 2 will face plenty of competition, with upcoming releases of Forza Motorsport 7, Gran Turismo Sport, Need For Speed, Dirt 4, and Project Cars 2, not to mention 2017's best-selling title Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The Crew 2 currently has no estimated release window.