Watch Destiny 2’s Gameplay Reveal Trailer from Bungie’s Livestream Event

You may have heard about a little event being held by Bungie and Activision today, about a little game called Destiny 2. The livestream of the event has already concluded (the recording is here), but from it came an action-packed first look at gameplay contained within the upcoming sci-fi shooter. 

The trailer cuts right to the case, with some banter upfront between familiar characters quickly succeeded by an inciting incident and gameplay, demonstrating the sort of devastation usually reserved for pre-rendered cutscenes. You can check out Bungie's reveal trailer below.

The trailer also confirms Destiny 2's previously announced release date of September 8th, coinciding with the game's planned special editions and season pass. Known as the "Expansion Pass," it will grant access to added story content, missions, co-op challenges, and a variety of armor, weapons and gear. About what you'd expect, but seemingly worthwhile nonetheless.

Like the first game, Destiny 2 is showing some PS4 favoritism, with exclusive content that will last approximately one year before heading to other platforms. Still, the game is scheduled to release on Xbox One and PC as well, with an open beta starting up this summer regardless of which platform you prefer. Interested in early open beta access? According to Bungie, pre-ordering the game will earn you just that.