Far Cry 5 Is Headed to Montana, Gets Teaser Trailer

Although we had a feeling Far Cry 5 would wait until E3 to reveal itself, it appears Ubisoft is ready to make the first big step ahead of schedule.

In its first ever teaser trailer real-world footage of Montana is shown, with grasslands, tall mountains, churches, and all. This is no mistake. Montana, and more specifically Hope County, is the setting for this bold addition to the franchise. This is not your ordinary Far Cry game, to say the least.

The trailer is very subtle, making a point to show video rather than cutscenes or gameplay. Leaks indicate that the game's story will bear influence from stories told by inhabitants of the state, including myth and legend. It's all very strange in the context of Far Cry, and frankly is just what was needed to raise our attention.

A full reveal will occur on May 26th. Stay tuned for coverage.