An Attempt to Blackmail CD Projekt Red is Met with Defiance

The internet, as we all know, is never short of a few hackers, trolls or both, often times looking to make a quick buck off their exploits. Such a thing happened recently Witcher developer CD Projekt Red, but this person (or persons) was clearly barking up the wrong tree.

CD Projekt Red announced on Twitter today that they were contacted by an “unidentified individual or individuals,” who claimed to be in possession of revealing files regarding the studios upcoming RPG Cyberpunk 2077. Further more, whoever contacted them made “a demand for ransom.” Unfortunately for the would-be-blackmailer(s), CD Projekt Red didn’t give an inch, stating “We will not be giving in to the demands of the individual or individuals that have contacted us, which might eventually lead to the files being published online. The appropriate legal authorities will be informed about the situation.”

CD Projekt Red’s entire announcement can be viewed here:

This is a tacit confirmation that whoever contacted CD Projekt Red does, in fact, have said files, and they are legitimate. But, as the company stated in the announcement, those files are “old and largely unrepresentative of the current version of [Cyberpunk 2077].”

So, if the blackmailers are to follow through with their threat, you should be seeing some leaks for Cyberpunk 2077, but that’s a risk CD Projekt Red is willing to take.