Friday the 13th: The Game Physical Edition Launches … Well … on Friday the 13th

While Friday the 13th: The Game has seen its fair share of non-troversies – different events that had the community on the verge of riot for virtually no reason – the lack of a physical edition is a certainly a legitimate complaint, as it was something promised to backers of their Kickstarter.

To the developers’ credit, Gun Media did offer refunds to those who backed for the physical edition, or simply replaced their physical copy with a digital version, but Friday the 13th: The Game has lacked a physical edition for its entire three-plus months of release, but that’s soon to change. On Friday, October 13th (see what they did there?) Friday the 13th: The Game will release as a physical edition on PS4 and Xbox One. See the announcement trailer below:

As you can see, the physical edition includes a new counselor skin pack and a “Bloody Jason” skin, but neither the video, nor the listing mentions anything about the supposedly upcoming Single-player game mode, which has many players concerned about a delay.

For context, Friday the 13th: The Game was originally delayed from its Q4 2016 release window to its eventual release in May, in part because of the developer’s desire to release a single-player version. That single-player game mode is scheduled for release in “Summer 2017,” and the developers continually insist that they will have news on that “soon.”

But the listing for the physical edition coming out October 13th, which is decidedly not “Summer 2017,” doesn’t mention single-player at all. It describes the game as “1v7 Multiplayer: with maps spanning multiple iconic locations from the movie franchise; play online as either Jason Voorhees or a Camp Counselor trying to survive the night. The choice is yours.”

We’ll see if this means anything for the single-player mode in due time.