Team Liquid Wins the Dota 2 International Tournament, $10.8 Million Grand Prize

Team Liquid has won the Dota 2 International 2017 tournament, taking home a record-smashing grand prize of $10.8 million. Liquid won the championship after a 3-0 victory over Newbee, the champion of the upper bracket who hadn’t lost a single series the whole tournament. Before this, there has never been a 3-0 grand final.

This marks Liquid’s first championship after appearing at five International tournaments without ever even making it to the final day. Liquid won as the only surviving Western team after four Chinese Dota 2 teams made it into the top six. Key Arena in Seattle turned into ground zero for East vs. West sentiment, as Chinese fans were out in full force while the North American audience, still loyal to Team Liquid from their NA days, fired back with furious roars at every opportunity.

But, despite getting through the group stage with a 13-3 record, Team Liquid fell to the lower bracket on day one with a 1-2 loss to Invictus Gaming. From there, they battled through the lower bracket with impressive wins over Team Secret, Team Empire (who upset and eliminated Evil Geniuses one game prior) and Virtus Pro, before being faced against two Chinese powerhouses in LGD and LFY.


Newbee misses the chance to become the only repeat International Champions

With those victories out of the way, Liquid secured themselves a spot in the grand finals against Newbee, and guaranteed at least second place. Liquid came out swinging in game one, taking all of Newbee’s outer towers before 20 minutes and forcing a GG shortly after. In game two, Newbee went out to a huge kill lead in the early game, but Liquid completely cameback, overwhelming Newbee seemingly just as easily.

In game three, Newbee went with a very push-heavy lineup that almost overtook Liquid, but a few key teamfights tipped the scales toward Team Liquid until a GG was called.

Liquid’s victory over Newbee prevented what would have been the first team to win two International tournaments, after Newbee’s victory at TI4. Still, Newbee leaves with a second place prize of almost $3.9 million. The entire standings and and prize pool information is below:

  • Team Liquid, First Place, $10.8+ million
  • Newbee, Second Place, $3.9+ million
  • LFY, Third Place, $2.5+ million
  • LGD, Fourth Place, $1.7+ Million
  • Invictus Gaming, Fifth/Sixth Place, $1+ million
  • Virtus Pro, Fifth/Sixth Place, $1+ million
  • OG, Seventh/Eighth Place, $600,000+
  • Team Empire, Seventh/Eight Place $600,000+
  • Team Secret, Ninth-Twelfth Place, $365,000+
  • Evil Geniuses, Ninth-Twelfth Place, $365,000+
  • TNC, Ninth-Twelfth Place, $365,000+
  • Digital Chaos, Ninth-Twelfth Place, $365,000+
  • Execration, Thirteenth-Sixteenth Place, $121,000+
  • Cloud 9, Thirteenth-Sixteenth Place, $121,000+
  • Infamous, Thirteenth-Sixteenth Place, $121,000+
  • i.G Vitality, Thirteenth-Sixteenth Place, $121,000+


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