Don’t Expect Pyre to Come to Other Platforms Any Time Soon

Pyre is undoubtedly one of the year’s best games, from one of the game industry’s most consistent indie producers, Supergiant Games. It received a rare perfect score from GameRevolution, being called a shoo-in for Best Indie Game of the year, though we’ll have to see how the rest of 2017 shapes up.

The only catch? Only available on PS4 and PC. That means all those Xbox One and Nintendo Switch faithfuls have two options: go green with envy, or edgily and loudly convince themselves and everyone else that the game isn’t worth it anyhow, the latter of which is, of course, complete nonsense. Those hoping for a third option – that is, an announcement of release to other platforms – will be sorely disappointed, since Supergiant Games recently stated quite plainly that “we don’t have plans for other versions of […] Pyre at this time.”

This should come as no surprise to people familiar with Supergiant Games and their previous titles. Transistor was also only available on PC and PS4, and when Bastion finally made its transition to next-generation consoles, only the PS4 was graced with its presence, even though Bastion was originally available on Xbox 360.

Could something like this be coming down the pipeline? It would certainly seem in the realm of possibilities, if Pyre picks up more steam in terms of end-of-year awards consideration, thus growing in popularity and demand. Indeed, that’s really what drove the proliferation of Bastion. But it’s also important to note that Transistor, three years after release, has only been brought to Mac and Linux, so I wouldn’t hold your breath for an Xbox One release.