New Overwatch Animated Short Gives Mei’s Background Story

Overwatch has been enjoying a great Gamescom so far. First, there was the expected reveal of Junkertown, the new map featuring Roadhog and Junkrat. This reveal included an accompanying cinematic which featured the two concocting a revenge plot against the mysterious Junkertown Queen. But then, they revealed that the animated short coming up today would be something entirely different, and now we know what it is: a Mei backstory Animated Short. You can watch for yourself below:

The new cinematic follows Mei at Ecopoint: Anarctica, where she and a team of scientists have been collecting unspecified data. Tragically, there was some sort of malfunction with their hibernation pods that left Mei frozen for nine years, and the rest of her team did not survive. After the station goes down, Mei has to find a way to either notify the Overwatch team of where she is or escape.

It’s a heartfelt short that gives a lot of insight into a character we hadn’t seen much about in the duration of Overwatch‘s release, and Mei has still managed to be one of the fan favorites. There is no further information about a new hero or anything that this short might tie-in with, but stay tuned. With BlizzCon right around the corner, I’m sure there will be some top-notch Overwatch news sooner, rather than later.