Battlefield 1 Introduces Class Specializations

Battlefield 1 has now introduced a new way to customize your specific soldier with class specializations. These specializations are live now, granting bonuses and perks that weren’t previously available. They are intended to enhance the customization options and strategic potential for all of the four main classes.

Assault, Medic, Support, and Scout can all take advantage of these class specializations. Some are general, allowing for any class of your choosing to utilize them, while others are exclusive to one of the four classes. Right now from the start, there are three default specializations that can immediately be equipped for everyone in Battlefield 1.

The default three specializations are able to be equipped by your customized soldier regardless of their preferred class. Here are the descriptions of what bonuses and perks these three specializations will grant you:

  • Flak– incoming damage from explosions is reduced by 10%
  • Cover– incoming suppression is reduced by 25%
  • Quick Regen– decrease time before out of combat heal by 20%

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Of course, these aren’t the only specializations you will be able to take advantage of in Battlefield 1. Others are unlocked through their specific Service Assignment. Completing those will allow you to equip them to your soldier for battle. They are divided up between general ones and class-exclusive ones.

Battlefield 1

There are four more general specializations, while each of the four classes have two exclusive perks to equip. This makes for a total of 15 specializations in Battlefield 1 to pick from. Some affect your damage or suppression taken such as the ones seen above, while others grant bonus buffs for reviving teammates or affect how your explosives work.

To equip a specialization onto your soldier, go to your typical customization screen where you select your weapons, gadgets, and the like. From there, find the specializations tab and select it to choose which of them you will equip for battle.

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