PewDiePie Had to Stop Himself From Saying the N-Word Again

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, the 27-year-old YouTube star with over 57 million subscribers, nearly said the n-word in a live stream once again.

Only one day removed from releasing an apology video for the last time he used the n-word while streaming, PewDiePie filmed himself nearly using the racial slur while on stream. Playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — the same game he was playing when he first used the slur — the YouTuber said: “My ni — oh hello! Okay, okay, okay. It took one day for me to almost slip up. Fantastic. Good job, Felix. I don’t even wanna say the censored version.”

Watch the moment below:

Last week PewDiePie filmed himself shouting “f***ing n****r” while playing the online Battle Royale game, which led to widespread condemnation online. As a result of this video, Firewatch developers Campo Santo filed a successful DMCA claim against PewDiePie’s channel, leading to him receiving a copyright strike, with them also requesting that other developers should do the same.

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PewDiePie addressed the controversy in an apology video, branding the use of the word “immature.” “I really want to improve myself and better myself,” he said in the video. “Not just for me but for anyone who looks up to me and anyone who is influenced by me, and that’s how I want to move forward away from this.”

Though PewDiePie stopped himself before using the word in the above clip, with it only being a few days removed from his first use of it on stream, many are pointing out how the slur seems to be a frequent part of his vocabulary given his seemingly casual use of it. It remains to be seen whether his career on YouTube will be negatively impacted by his recent actions, though he’s certainly doing his utmost to validate his critics’ opinions of him.