Super Seducer Modernizes 90’s FMV Live Action Games With a Dating Twist

FMV – full-motion video – games had their short but memorable moment to shine back in the 1990’s. Video games like Night Trap and The 7th Guest brought a unique style of gaming that had never been seen before, blending together animation and live-action into a single interactive experience.

Some – like the aforementioned Night Trap – were basically a complete live-action movie with actors and choices that dictated what happened in your game. These controversial and short-lived games were stuck in a time decades behind us until the last couple of years.

Major PC and mobile hits like Her Story and Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition have brought back the cult classic of game genres. It seems that the FMV renaissance isn’t over, either, as more games like these are on the way. A noteworthy one that just launched on Kickstarter this week is Super Seducer.

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This FMV has you go through 10 total levels of completely different dating scenarios. Super Seducer has you take on the role of a guy looking for love in all the right places through the 10 various episodes.

There’s the girl sitting alone at the coffee shop, playing wingman in order to help your friend win over the girl he likes, the classic “just friends”, and more. The actual game itself plays out as a “choose-your-own-adventure” game inspired by “Until Dawn, Heavy Rain, and some Telltale Games”, according to Super Seducer’s Kickstarter page.

Super Seducer

At the end of each level you are given a rating out of five stars, and a summary of the choices you made. This is meant to encourage multiple playthrough’s, as there are several endings for every episode. All of Super Seducer is live-action, with more than eight hours of edited footage used in the game.

Creator Richard La Ruina mentions that this makes Super Seducer the “biggest FMV game ever.” However, the title is currently limited to only playing as a man looking to pick up women, with the claim that it will teach you how to do it in real life “better than 99% of guys out there.”

This is due to his experience as a dating coach for more than 11 years. Controversially, supporting the Super Seducer Kickstarter will grant you access to the entire game once the campaign ends next month, long before its intended release date on – no surprise – Valentine’s Day next year.

The Kickstarter is simply a means to raise funds for marketing and the global translation – Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, and German currently – of the game. No console platforms have been announced. What do you guys think of Super Seducer? Is it the type of FMV game you can get behind? Let us know.