Beyond Good and Evil 2 Survey Hints at Switch, Destiny 2 Inspiration, More

As we reported earlier this month regarding Project Octopath Traveler, surveys can be an easy way for a developer or publisher to gather data on what gamers hope for or want changed in an upcoming video game. This time around, the product in question is Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Ubisoft sent us the survey yesterday – as of posting – due to our involvement in the Space Monkey Program. After the shocking official announcement of Beyond Good and Evil 2 a few months back at E3, Ubisoft opened up the program as a means of gaining information and access to the title before anyone else.

As part of that program, we were sent the first survey gauging interest and feedback on what the biggest Beyond Good and Evil 2 fans are looking for in this long-awaited sequel. The comments, choices, and feedback given will help affect changes and additions as the game continues its development.

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The survey is complete with the usual open comment section, how familiar are you with various examples, and so on. We will highlight the most notable questions, though, that hint at what Beyond and Good Evil 2 could actually be. The survey begins by inquiring on your degree of love for the series, ranging from “don’t care” to “I am the ultimate fan.”

Beyond Good and Evil 2

From there, it gets to know you even deeper, asking the importance of features to you like puzzle sections, combat, characters, the first game’s protagonist Jade, story, etc. A recurring theme in the survey is the importance of singleplayer versus multiplayer, story versus experience, and so on. It even asks if you’ve participated in early access programs previously.

It also asks you to rate various similar franchises like Destiny 2 and Star Wars, and whether you outright prefer co-op, multiplayer, or offline singleplayer. A shared online world is mentioned like other recent Ubisoft titles and the aforementioned Destiny 2, hinting at Beyond Good and Evil 2 as being another games-as-service.

One of the final questions is regarding platforms you prefer to play games on, the first of which is Nintendo Switch. Needless to say, any gamers that would like to see the title appear on there – as previous rumors suggested – should fill out the 10 minute survey.

You can complete it at this link. Our experience shows that it is not email-specific and can be filled out by anyone, regardless of joining the Space Monkey Program or not. What do you guys think about Beyond Good and Evil 2 as a games-as-service? Or, would you prefer to see it as solely singleplayer? Lastly, what platforms do you want to play it on?